1. No FRP, VDM, RDM, Cop Baiting, Combat Logging, Jail Logging, or External Menus.
  2. Do not spam spawn vehicles/objects.
  3. Always use the NLR (New Life Rule).
  4. Value your life in-game as if this was IRL (FearRP).
  5. Do not steal emergency vehicles without permission from either the driver of the vehicle or staff if the vehicle is not being driven.
  6. You must have a working microphone. Roleplaying after a previous warning to use your microphone will result in a kick.
  7. Change your starting ped at spawn (Do not use the existing ped).
  8. Do not speak out of character in voice chat, speak it with /ooc in chat.
  9. Roleplay a death no matter what, do not revive in the middle of an RP.
  10. Abuse of the cuff and jail command with result in a ban.
  12. NO racist/offensive language within the text chat/voice chat.
  13. You may not run away after being tasered twice or while cuffed.
  14. Do not run without a reason. [Running to avoid a ticket is not a valid reason]
  15. Unrealistic driving without reason may result in a kick.
  16. Do not run away from Law Enforcement with Motorcycles/ATVS or high-end super/sports cars.
  17. Do not create priorities unless there are 2 or more cops on duty.
  18. You must be registered within the CAD/MDT. This also goes along with your saved characters, vehicles.
  19. You must ask permission for RPs such as mafia, hitman, repossession, impersonation, animal, Kidnapping, stolen police equipment, etc.
  20. Do not spam shoot/create priorities while cooldown is present. This will result in a kick.
  21. Do not spawn vehicles/weapons out of nowhere. Spawn vehicles at repair shops and RP Pulling out weapons such as AR’s.
  22. You may not RP as armed Merryweather security or bail bonds unless given permission by staff..
  23. You may not drive on the airfield without permission from the staff.
  24. When snowing and riding a motorcycle you must lower your speed to below 50 MPH and no wheelies. When raining speeds well over 100 MPH could be deemed as unrealistic.
  25. You may not “force RP” as in you can not force someone into a RP they wish to not be a part of.
  26. You must ask permission from the individual before kidnapping them as to not create force RP. Coordinating Roleplay is far more enjoyable for the people.
  27. You can not respawn a stolen vehicle until the RP has ended.
  28. You may not run from the police in aircraft without permission from the staff.
  29. No unrealistic driving regarding going 100 MPH in the snow or crashing and not RPing it out.
  30. Any ways used to metagame or using menu options to metagame will result in an immediate ban.
  31. No mini-modding, if someone is breaking rules contact staff or do /report or message a staff team member. Do not take it under yourself to correct the situation.
  32. Members may not use color in their name, which is reserved for staff. If you are found with color in your name you will be asked to change it. Failure to do so could result in warnings, even a kick.
  33. No sexual RP of any sorts unless approved by a EVRP Staff Team Member.
  34. All Bank Robberies must have a 30 minute interval to allow other players to get a chance at a priority, failure to do so will be disregarded by LEO.
  35. Blacklisted weapons, aka explosives or MK2 weapons are strictly prohibited unless given permission by a EVRP staff team member.
  36. Scenes MUST be 22’d [Disregarded] by ALL Involved. That means if even one gang member or one cop in a 20 member priority wish to acknowledge the scene
  37. occurred then the scene MUST Continue.
  38. No roleplay involving characters under the age of 18. Your character must be 18 years of age or older. Family Roleplay is allowed if you meet the age criteria stated in this rule.
  39. All Whitelisted LEO must use their discord/RTO name as their in-game name.
  40. You may not roleplay at Fort Zancudo (the military base) unless give permission by an EVRP staff team member.
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